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Thank you for the amazing feedback and here are some of the things you've been telling us:

"Hi, I bought 3 soft cubes and just wanted to say how brilliant they are, my 1 year old and 2 of her friends can't leave them alone...You also get bonus points from my sister who is a primary school teacher as I am told that the applique letters are excellent for teaching slightly older children the shape of letters as they can trace the outlines. "


"We gave our girls (Niamh (5), Shona (3) and Caoilinn (1) the Wondercube to play with last night. Caoilinn was straight over, but it has been a particular hit with Niamh (5) who has been using it to play guessing games with me....The Wondercube is truly a source of wonder for children. It's potential to inspire creative play and improvisation is almost limitless."

Rory O'Connor, creator of Rory's Story Cubes

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful product - my son loves it! We also love the fact we can add his name to the product for a more personal present. Highly recommended!!!!"


"I saw you and your Wondercube on This Morning and just wanted to say that I think it was a brilliant idea."

"Just to let you know that they came yesterday - and they're every bit as brilliant as I thought they'd be!! I can't wait 'til Christmas now so my two can explore them for themselves!!

 "Just to say THANK YOU for my Big Wonder which arrived today - I am so pleased with it, and I'm sure my Grandaughter will love it!"


"Can we play that game again?"
Vita, aged 6

"Educational and above all fun, My Wondercube is set to become the must-have toy for under 5s."
Dr George McGavin, scientist, author, explorer and TV presenter

"I'm a magician."
Jason, aged 5

"The Wondercube is a source of visual, kinesthetic and oral inspiration to children. It creates a playful and purposeful structure for exploring, colour, pattern, texture and even the foundations of number and word building."
Charlotte Raby, Educational Consultant

"Munchy's my favourite!"
Ella, aged 3

"Enjoyed by our children, great idea!"
Carey Tighe, Pre-school Manager

"Really like the solid ‘quality' feel. Excellent chunkiness!"
Holly, mum of 3

"User-friendly, visually appealing and fun!"
Jo Lee, Primary school teacher

"Very pleasing to the eye - soft and very tactile."
Amaia, mum of 2

If you have any comments we'd love to hear from you. It's great to know what we've got right but also how we can improve - you might even have an idea for the next irresistible filling! Please email us at 


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