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What is My Wondercube?

One day my baby daughter Sasha was, as usual, enthusiastically tearing wet wipes out of their packet when it gave me an idea.

My Wondercube is a cube packed with textile squares that children can pull out one by one - like wet wipes, or like a magician pulling scarves out of a hat.

The pieces can easily be pulled apart, stuck back together and rearranged in any order. And with a choice of innovative fillings, the cube can be adapted to meet your child's growing needs.

It can help children develop fine motor skills, count and do sums, learn letters and make words, understand sequencing, play pass the parcel and much more.

This fun, interactive and educational toy comes as a tactile touchy feely cube or a beautifully crafted sturdy wooden cube.

Prices start at £17.99, with extra fillings from £0.99.

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