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An exciting range of educational resources are available for schools to support the foundation stage curriculum.


Alphabet pack - To be sounded out or joined togeter to make simple CVC words.

Vowel pack - Can be added to the alphabet or used alone to reinforce vowel sounds.

Any letter group - Made up to your requirement aiding easy delivery of phonics games.

Numbers - Used to identify numbers, develop number bonds and progress to creating simple number sentences.

Shapes - To recognise shapes, count the vertices/ sides etc

Goldilocks - For story telling and sequencing (comes with a story book)

Emotions - Helping children identify and understand their feelings. 

Farmyard - Animals 1-10 to help develop counting skills


Discounts available to schools, nurseries, colleges, and childminders.

Please call 01273 833 841 for details 


Teachers resource pack coming soon... 


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"My Wondercube is a source of visual, kinesthetic and oral inspiration to children. It creates a playful and purposeful structure for exploring colour, pattern, texture and even the foundations of number and word building."
Charlotte Raby, Educational Consultant

"Why didn't I think of it?"
Dr George McGavin, Honorary Research Associate, Department of Zoology, Oxford University

"Enjoyed by our children, great idea!"
Carey, Pre-school Manager

"User-friendly, visually appealing and fun!"
Jo Lee, Primary school teacher


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