Wonder Fillings

A range of beautiful fillings from letters to dinosaurs to bring even more Wonder. They’re all machine washable and there’s something for everyone. Please keep checking our website because the range will be constantly expanding.


Bring the classic tale of Goldilocks to life with this 12 piece set and story book. As you read the story your child can follow along with the sequenced squares. Machine washable organic cotton and a story booklet printed on FSC paper.



A lovely first learning tool. A 10 piece set with animals 1-10. 1 horse, 2 pigs, 3 sheep etc helping your child to recognise their animals and develop counting skills. Machine washable organic cotton.

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Help your child explore their feelings. This 8 piece set features happy, sad, angry etc. This pack develops a child's vocabulary and understanding of different emotions. Machine washable organic cotton.


Letters – printed

Lower case letters printed in black on coloured organic cotton jersey. Ideal for teaching children to spell or play word games. Available as a complete alphabet set or individual letters. Machine washable.

Lovely as an add-on personalised gift spelling a child’s name. Simply select the letter you require and add to the basket, come back to add more letters. When you checkout, if you tell us the child's name we will place the letters in the correct order inside the cube.

(NB these lower case printed letters are currently incompatible with the upper case appliqued letters due to the positioning of the velcro).



Always popular with kids, this five piece dinosaur set is great fun. Machine washable organic cotton jersey.There’s ‘Steggy’ the Stegosaurus, ‘Dippy’ the Diplodocus, ‘Terry’ the Pterodactyl, ‘Topsy’ the Tricerotops and last but not least ‘Rex’ the T-Rex.

5 Piece Set


The Wonders

An add-on filling pack of the ‘Wonder family’ in organic cotton jersey. There’s Max the dad, mum Minn, daughter Mimi and son Munchy and a square with the whole family on. Made with organic cotton jersey each tactile square has a touchy/feely filling, including squeaker, bell, rattle and scrunchy paper. Machine washable.

NB This set is automatically included with the Little Wonder jersey textile cube and is great for playing games such as pairs or snap.

5 Piece Set



A great way to learn numbers, sequencing and sums. Clear black font on a range of different coloured squares of organic cotton jersey. Machine washable.

Numbers 0-9, symbols +,- and =

13 piece set



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